Is Scrum only a process or does it go beyond the realm ?

Can Scrum roles be standardized across the organization ?

Are relationships and understanding human emotions important for getting the befits from Scrum Adoption ?

Is Scrum suitable only for Product organizations or also for Service companies ?

Join our keynote speakers at Regional Scrum Gathering® India 2014, the flagship regional ScrumAlliance conference, as they explain the deeper nuances of relationships, The ScrumMaster and coach roles and share best practices of adopting Scrum for service companies as well as for App development

Regional Scrum Gathering® India 2014

11-12 July 2014, The Trident, Hyderabad

The Scrum Carnival of Asia


Keynote speakers:


Niloofer Giri ji, Vedanta Teacher

Niloofer Giri is a disciple and student of Swami Dayananda Saraswati of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam – a renowned teacher of Advaita Vedanta. A distinguished, traditional teacher of Vedanta. Her depth of understanding the Vedas makes her a rare teacher who can explain the complex subject in a simplistic manner


Daniel Gullo, Certified Scrum Coach (CSC), Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Principal Consultant-SolutionsIQ

For more than 25 years, Daniel has been teaching, coaching, and consulting for organizations of many sizes; from startups to multi-national enterprises.  Daniel has led large-scale Agile adoption initiatives for organizations in Financial Services, Education, Health Care, Bio-tech, Pharma, Information Technology Consulting, Professional Associations, and Federal Government.  Daniel has real world practical experience “from the trenches”, as well as, considerable experience in senior management

Carol McEvan






Carol McEwan, Managing Director, ScrumAlliance

Carol McEwan, is the Managing Director for Scrum Alliance, a non-profit, professional membership organization whose mission is to transform the world of work. Carol and her staff work diligently to raise awareness and interest in Scrum. They fulfill their mission by providing advocacy, community and education to their members. Scrum Alliance has over 300,000 members worldwide from the software development community and beyond.







V Srinivasa Rao (VSR), CEO, BT & BT

VSR is Chief Executive Officer at BT&BT Management Consultancy.. He has extensive experience in Global Partner Relationship Management, Global Delivery Model, Customer Relationship Management, Thought Leadership, New Solution Life Cycle Management, Talent Management and Social Entrepreneurship. VSR is currently the president of NextGen Leaders (, which is a not for profit-making organization focuses on building Young Leaders.

Rajesh Patil







Rajesh Patil, Practice Head, Digital Transformation Solutions, Capgemini

Rajesh leads the Digital Transformation Solutions practice for Financial Services at Capgemini.  Rajesh has 19+ years of experience in all aspects of technology including application development, enterprise architecture, technology strategy, testing and infrastructure.  His experience includes managing technology at large organizations, leading product development teams and IT services.


Detailed Agenda:

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