Regional Scrum Gathering South Asia 2015: They are coming…

Bengaluru Svagata

They are coming.

The tickets are booked, the bags are getting packed, the last minute checklists are being vetted …..

As our wonderful keynote speakers, volunteers and delegates get ready for the first ever communion of Scrum and Agile believers and practitioners from South and South East Asia , We are making sure we leave no stone unturned to welcome our guests from 30+ countries and making them feel at home in ‘Namma Bengaluru’.

What awaits is a wonderful world of Agile experiences with a chance to learn from peers and practitioners through Workshops, Guest lectures, Coaching clinics, CSP+ retreat, Lightening talks and Open Space discussion and yes, not to forget, the wonderful corridor discussions over a cup of steaming ‘Kaapi’

So, are you joining in ????

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To Register:

The Now or Never Early Bird offer is available only till 28th Feb 2015 !

Early Bird Offer Expires 28 Feb 15 copy

Regional Scrum Gathering South Asia 2015: Calling the ‘Plants’ and ‘Resource Investigators’

On Huge Demand….

The Paper Submission Deadline Extended till 10th March 2015 !

Please submit your papers soon !!

South East Asian Phrases

“Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam”- The World is one family

With the theme of One-ness in Diversity, the Agile community from South and South East Asia invites the thought  leaders of tomorrow, the enthusiastic satraps of today and the experienced ‘ torch bearers’ of yesterday, to share their knowledge, ideas and thoughts with the participants at the first Regional Scrum Gathering South Asia 2015 on 5-6th June 2015 at Bengaluru, India.

The sessions/ Workshops and Presentations ( 30 minutes and 60 minutes sessions) can be classified under the following tracks:

  • ” Working with the world “- Culture lessons and experience sharing from Agile Champions ( Team Culture and Country Culture)
  • ” Beyond the Information Technology borders “- Implementation stories and tips for taking Scrum to hitherto unknown areas ( Beyond IT e.g. Education, Charity, Pharma etc. )
  • ” Tech Wonders ” – Technological concepts and marvels which help Scrum teams succeed and exceed
  • ” Divided yet Together ” – Tales of Scaling up Scrum and Distributed Teams

To submit a session, Please use the link below

Key Dates:

  • Last date for session submission: 28th February 2015
  • Final communication of acception/rejection: 15th March 2015
  • Submission of presentations and other session artefacts: 15th May 2015
  • Conference Dates: 5-6 June 2015

For more information, logon to the event portal at:

[Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014] : Keynote speakers

Is Scrum only a process or does it go beyond the realm ?

Can Scrum roles be standardized across the organization ?

Are relationships and understanding human emotions important for getting the befits from Scrum Adoption ?

Is Scrum suitable only for Product organizations or also for Service companies ?

Join our keynote speakers at Regional Scrum Gathering® India 2014, the flagship regional ScrumAlliance conference, as they explain the deeper nuances of relationships, The ScrumMaster and coach roles and share best practices of adopting Scrum for service companies as well as for App development

Regional Scrum Gathering® India 2014

11-12 July 2014, The Trident, Hyderabad

The Scrum Carnival of Asia


Keynote speakers:


Niloofer Giri ji, Vedanta Teacher

Niloofer Giri is a disciple and student of Swami Dayananda Saraswati of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam – a renowned teacher of Advaita Vedanta. A distinguished, traditional teacher of Vedanta. Her depth of understanding the Vedas makes her a rare teacher who can explain the complex subject in a simplistic manner


Daniel Gullo, Certified Scrum Coach (CSC), Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Principal Consultant-SolutionsIQ

For more than 25 years, Daniel has been teaching, coaching, and consulting for organizations of many sizes; from startups to multi-national enterprises.  Daniel has led large-scale Agile adoption initiatives for organizations in Financial Services, Education, Health Care, Bio-tech, Pharma, Information Technology Consulting, Professional Associations, and Federal Government.  Daniel has real world practical experience “from the trenches”, as well as, considerable experience in senior management

Carol McEvan






Carol McEwan, Managing Director, ScrumAlliance

Carol McEwan, is the Managing Director for Scrum Alliance, a non-profit, professional membership organization whose mission is to transform the world of work. Carol and her staff work diligently to raise awareness and interest in Scrum. They fulfill their mission by providing advocacy, community and education to their members. Scrum Alliance has over 300,000 members worldwide from the software development community and beyond.







V Srinivasa Rao (VSR), CEO, BT & BT

VSR is Chief Executive Officer at BT&BT Management Consultancy.. He has extensive experience in Global Partner Relationship Management, Global Delivery Model, Customer Relationship Management, Thought Leadership, New Solution Life Cycle Management, Talent Management and Social Entrepreneurship. VSR is currently the president of NextGen Leaders (, which is a not for profit-making organization focuses on building Young Leaders.

Rajesh Patil







Rajesh Patil, Practice Head, Digital Transformation Solutions, Capgemini

Rajesh leads the Digital Transformation Solutions practice for Financial Services at Capgemini.  Rajesh has 19+ years of experience in all aspects of technology including application development, enterprise architecture, technology strategy, testing and infrastructure.  His experience includes managing technology at large organizations, leading product development teams and IT services.


Detailed Agenda:

Register here:

#rsgi14 : Learn More with Pre and Post Conference workshops


With just 20 days to go, we are adding ways for you to get more out of the learning bouquet at the Scrum Carnival of Asia, The Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014.

So, In addition to your conference sessions,  you can now choose from a range of our pre and post conference learning workshops. These workshops cover the basics and intermediate learning aspects of some of the topics covered in RSGI 2014.

As we have only very few seats available for grabs at the special prices, Grab your seat early to avoid disappointment.


Pre-conference workshops – July 10, 2014:

Agile Innovation Games

Duration: Half day

Trainer: Rahul Sudame

Hosted by: Faichi Solutions

Fee: INR 2,500+ taxes

Registration link:


Duration: Half day

Trainer: Sudipta Lahiri

Hosted by: Digite

Fee: INR 2,500+ taxes

Registration link:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Duration: Full day

Trainer: Keki Durbary

Fee: INR 3,500+ taxes

Registration link:

Agile Leadership

Duration: Half day

Trainer: Syed Nazir Rajik and M Parvez Alam

Hosted by: PMI- Chennai Chapter

Fee: INR 2,500+ taxes

Registration link:

Post-conference workshop- July 14, 2014:

ICAgile Certification workshop

Duration: Two Days

Trainer: Zuzi Sochova

Hosted by: Delight Learning

Fee: INR 18,000+ taxes

Registration link:

Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014 is convening on 11th and 12th July 2014, at The Trident, Hyderabad.

To register and join the conversation, please visit the gathering website:

#rsgi14 – 39d: Executive Support for Scrum?? Leadership or Management @ArneAhl


The role of executives in using Scrum for an enterprise is an important one. Be it taking smart decision, to supporting the teams or convincing the customers about Agile practices, the executives play a crucial role in success of the team and organization using Scrum practices.

But how do they make this happen ? What vision they need to present to the teams ? Is there any help available ?

#RSGI14 brings you

Scrum meets Management 3.0

Presenter: Arne Åhlander 

Join our noted speaker, Arne Åhlander as he presents the six views of the organization from Management 3.0 and how they can help to strengthen Scrum. 

Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014 is convening on 11th and 12th July 2014 at The Trident, Hyderabad.

To register and join the conversation, please visit the gathering website:

#rsgi14 – 40d: Met an Agile detractor: No Problem! They are your friends!

ImageMet some one who doesn’t believe in Agile philosophy and principles !

Are you finding it hard to convince your management that Agile works !

Your customers don’t seem to be bought into Agile practices!

Your manager is the ante-thesis of Agile behavior!

Your HR policies and team are not aligned with Agile principles!

Is there any way to succeed? Is it possible to utilize people as part of the change? Can we involve them and give them the power and full responsibility? Would they be motivated then?


#RSGI14 brings you

Complainers? Great! Let them drive the change!

Speaker: Dr. Jaroslav Prochazka

Join our guest speaker, Dr. Jaroslav Prochazka, as he explores different approaches needed in every single case, depending on business, team, culture and people uniqueness. One of the approaches his teams used was to focus on discontented people, on their needs behind driven by clear business goal and purpose as common direction. 

He would help the participants discover ways to have  amazing to look at people to unlocked their dissatisfaction and used the energy in a positive, creative way.

Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014 is convening on 11th and 12th July 2014 at The Trident, Hyderabad.

To register and join the conversation, please visit the gathering website:

#RSGI14 – 50d: Gamifying Agile Release Planning and Estimation



Let’s face it. Estimation is a difficult beast to deal with, more so on an agile project specifically, when talking at the release level. Features need to be scaled, because it’s too difficult to manage large programs with just user stories. Release planning becomes too detailed if you don’t have a middle tier of features representing what you’re trying to build.

Does this happen with your software releases too???


Gamifying the Release Planning and Estimation

Presenter: Ms Savita Pahuja

To understand how you can solve the challenges faced during Agile Release Planning, How to estimate Epics, Features and Stories and to learn the all new concept of “Feature Points” join our speaker Savita Pahuja as she takes you through a fun, gaming session on Agile Release Planning and Estimation

Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014 is convening on 11th and 12th July 2014 at The Trident, Hyderabad.

To register and join the conversation, please visit the gathering website:

RSGI14-52d: Using Scrum to Scrum

YOU are a large organization……….

YOU want to start using Scrum across the organization…

YOU are unsure how to start and execute your plan for Enterprise Agile adoption…..



Nurturing Organizational Transformation into Scrum Practices

Presenter: Mr Kirti Vaidya

Focus on an iterative Organizational Transformation into Scrum Practices by establishing a program which implements a few specific practices at a time on select pilot projects within fixed duration time-frames. A practice is implemented as a reusable asset consisting of roles, workflows, work products, and guidance. The program runs Scrum sprints where teams are trained and coaches embed the practices within the pilot projects. Feedback matures the practice definitions which then get published across the organization.


Sounds an interesting approach for Agile Transformation??

To understand this interesting approach to Organizational Transformation into Scrum Practices and learn about the governance, management, techniques, and tools to use within such transformations and treat them as humane organizational change management. join our speaker Kirti Vaidya as he offers an insight into how to approach a large scale Organizational Transformation using Scrum and other Agile Practices

Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014 is convening on 11th and 12th July 2014 at The Trident, Hyderabad.

To register and join the conversation, please visit the gathering website:

RSGI14-53d: The Power of Relationships


The Power of Relationships

Presenter: Niloofer Giri ji

Agile is all about people and their interactions and relationships. To succeed as a Scrum team, we need to form strong inter-team and intra-team relationships. But do we really understand the relationships???


Relating is an art, a skill, a talent….
Our whole lives are spent relating to objects, beings and circumstances.

There are various unseen laws and principles that govern our relationships.

Knowing these laws means that we don’t unknowingly injure ourselves or others while relating.
On the other hand, one could make use of one’s knowledge of the laws to build strength and power, dependability and trust, sustainability and independence in relationships.

Most relating is often impulsive, based on likes or dislikes, based on inner pressures, or family, peer and society pressures.
Based on ignorance, we find relating based on fear or anxiety, excitement or monotony.

A capacity given to us to help enrich life…needs to be understood well, if we wish to align ourselves with the power that is inherent in relationships.


To understand the delicate intricacies of relationship and how to nurture them for collective success, join our acknowledged keynote speaker Niloofer Giri Ji as she explains this rather intriguing part of our psyche in a most mesmerizing way.

Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014 is convening on 11th and 12th July 2014 at The Trident, Hyderabad.

To register and join the conversation, please visit the gathering website:


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